Money Back Guarantee

Buyer Protection is a Money Back Guarantee that protects our Members from unexpected issues with discount gift cards purchased on Card Surge for 1 Year after the purchase date at no additional cost.


If you experience any of the issues that are listed here, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund.


1. The gift card or eGift card doesn't have the correct balance as outlined in the original listing.

2. The gift card or eGift card is not received within thirty days (15 days) from the date of the purchase.

3. The balance changes unexpectedly preventing the Member from being able to utilize the full balance.

4. The Member is not able to redeem the gift card.

5. The gift card that is received is physically damaged beyond use.

6. The Member receives a gift card or eGift card that is from the wrong merchant because of an order processing error.

7. The gift card or eGift Card received by the Member is significantly different than described in the listing.


The following situations are NOT COVERED by Buyer Protection.


1. Buyer's remorse or accidentally ordering a gift card or eGift Card for the wrong Merchant.

2. Accidentally ordering a gift card or eGift card in an amount or balance other than intended.

3. Failure to submit a Buyer Protection Claim within the specified amount of time from the date of purchase.

4. Failure to submit any additional documentation or evidence requested.

5. Failure to mail the plastic gift card back to Card Surge if required.

6. Gift cards that are resold on any other platform or are purchased with the intent to resell to another person or entity.

 7. Inability to redeem a gift card or eGift card due to a Merchant filing for bankruptcy or no longer in business.

 8. Using the wrong payment method when purchasing a gift card or eGift card.


To be eligible to receive a full or partial refund a Member who experiences any of the above eligible issues (1-7) with a gift card or eGift card must fill out and submit the Buyer Protection Claim Form within 1 Year from the purchase date.