Card Surge Money Back Guarantee

Card Surge offers a Money Back Guarantee that protects all Members from any unexpected issues with purchases.


If you experience any of the issues listed below, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund.

1. The Product, Plastic Gift Card or eGift Card doesn't match what the Member ordered.

2. The balance available on the Plastic Gift Card or eGift Card is incorrect.

3. The Member is not able to redeem the full balance of the Plastic Gift Card or eGift Card for any reason.

4. The Product purchased by the Member does not last for at least 1 Full Year under normal use or operation.


The following situations are not covered by the Card Surge Money Back Guarantee.

1. Buyer's remorse or accidentally ordering the wrong Product or Gift Card.

2. Ordering a Plastic Gift Card or eGift Card in an amount other than intended.

3. Failure to contact Card Surge at [email protected] within 1 Year (365 Days).

4. Failure to submit any additional documentation or evidence as requested.

5. Failure to return the Product or Plastic Gift Card if required.

6. Product failure under abnormal use or intentional abuse or damage.

7. Not able to redeem a eGift Card or Plastic Gift Card due to a Merchant filing for bankruptcy.


To receive a full or partial refund any Member who experiences any of the above eligible issues with a Product or Gift Card must email [email protected] within 1 Year (365 Days) from the purchase date.