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Here are some frequently asked questions listed by topic (FAQ's):


Account Issues

Question: Am I required to have a Card Surge Account to purchase Gift Cards on Card Surge?

Answer: Yes, All Members must have a Card Surge account to purchase gift cards on our website.


Question: How much does it cost to become a Member of Card Surge?

Answer: It doesn't cost anything to become a Member of Card Surge, it is completely free to sign up.


QuestionI forgot my password, how can I login to Card Surge?

Answer: If you have forgotten your password you can use the password reset link in blue to choose a new password. If you do not receive the password reset email please make sure you are using the same email address that you used to sign up. You should also check your Junk or Spam email folder to make sure the password reset email didn't get sent there by mistake. It is always a good idea to add Card Surge to your safe list for emails so that Spam or Junk email filters do not accidentally delete these emails.


Question: How often should I change my password?

Answer: In order to keep your Card Surge Account secure, we strongly recommend changing your password at least once every 30 days.


Question: Are there any other options to create a Card Surge Account?

Answer: Yes, you can create a Card Surge Account using your Facebook Login information.


Question: May I use my Card Surge login information to login on Card Surge Marketplace?

Answer: Not at this time, Card Surge and Card Surge Marketplace are unique systems that each require seperate login credentials.


Question: If I login using Facebook will Card Surge be given my login information from these other websites?

Answer: Absolutely not, sites such Facebook only provide us with general information in order to create a new Card Surge Account. We are never given passwords or login information from these other sites. Any general information or other information that we do receive from a 3rd party site is subject to our Privacy Policy and will not be shared with anyone.


Question: If I previously used Facebook to login to Card Surge, how should I login in the future?

Answer: You can either continue to login using the social login button or use the username and password that we emailed to you the first time you used the social login button to register for a new Card Surge Account.


Payment Methods

Question: What types of payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We currently accept most Credit Cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, Bitcash, Ether and a ever expanding variety of other Crypto payments via Bitpay.


Question: Where can I purchase Cryptocurrencies to use for buying Gift Cards on Card Surge?

Answer: We recommend using Bitpay because it is easier to use and more compatible with our website. Please be aware some websites may charge a fee for purchasing Cypto Currencies.

Answer: We recommend only using a debit card or checking account to purchase Crypto Currencies. Some credit cards may consider purchases of Cryptocurrencies as cash advances and charge higher fees. 


Question: What kind of wallets are supported for Crypto Payments?

Answer: Most crypto wallets can be used to make payments on Card Surge.

Answer: You must have a wallet to make crypto purchases on Card Surge.

Answer: We recommend using the Bitpay wallet as it is the easiest and most compatible with the Card Surge website but you can use most other wallets.


Question: Where can I get the Bitpay wallet?

Answer: The Bitpay wallet can be downloaded for free using the Google Play store or the App Store. This is the recommended wallet for making Cypto Payments on Card Surge but you can use most other wallets as well.


Question: Can I trade my gift card for a different gift card?

Answer: No, we do not offer trading options at this time.


About Card Surge

Question: Do you have a physical office location?

Answer: Yes, our office is located in rural Northern Minnesota.


QuestionI can get Gift Cards anywhere, why buy them on Card Surge?

Answer: While it is true that you can buy gift cards in most places, you can buy them from Card Surge at a discount. Because you get to redeem the gift card for the full face value, but only pay the discounted price, this increases your purchasing power and saves you money.

Answer: Card Surge gives you instant cash back for purchasing certain eGift Cards on our website through the Card Surge Rewards program. These can be redeemed for even more savings towards future gift card purchases.

Answer: We offer a 1 Year Money Back Guarantee on all gift cards sold on Card We stand behind our gift cards.

Answer: All of our gift cards are checked to ensure that they have the correct balance on the day they are shipped or electronically delivered securely through our website.

Answer: Card Surge offers 100% U.S.A. based support.


Question: I've never heard of Card Surge; how do I know that your company is a real company?

Answer: If you have concerns about the legitimacy of our company please research our company using the Better Business Bureau website. We are fully accredited and currently have an A+ rating.

Answer: If you still have concerns feel free to contact Member Support. You can email us at [email protected]


Question: How is Card Surge different from other discount gift card websites?

Answer: Card Surge was created to be the most flexible gift card buying and selling platform available.

Answer: We focus on keeping our operating costs low and we pass those savings along to our Members in the form of lower prices and seller commission fees.

Answer: We are always looking for ways to improve our websites and make them easier for our Members to use and maximize their savings.


1 Year Money Back Guarantee

Question: Do you offer a money back guarantee on the products and gift cards you sell on Card

Answer: Yes, we offer a 1 Year Money back guarantee on all Products, Gift Cards and eGift Cards. It is valid for 1 full year after the purchase date. 

Answer: Please refer to the Money Back Guarantee section of our website for more details about this program.


Member Support

Question: What can I do if I need more help?

Answer: For the fastest response please use email. You can email Card Surge at [email protected] at any time.


eGift Cards

Question: What is an eGift Card?

Answer: When you purchase an eGift Card from our website or select the electronic delivery method you will receive an eGift Card Code that can be redeemed online by entering the gift card code at checkout or in some cases may be redeemed in-store by downloading and printing the paper eGift Voucher using your home printer.

Answer: When you purchase an eGift Card or choose the electronic delivery method you may not receive the actual plastic gift card in the mail.


Question: What if I want the actual Plastic Gift Card?

Answer: If there is a plastic gift card available with your purchase it will be shipped to you for free, even after the eGift Card has been delivered to you electronically. In some cases there may be no plastic gift card available and you would receive only the eGift Card.

Answer: Each individual listing on our site has it's own delivery options and some gift cards may only be available as an eGift Card which means there is no plastic card available. Please refer to the individual listing of the gift card you would like to purchase for the type of gift card that is available.


Question: What if I need to use the eGift Card I purchased on Card Surge in the merchant's store?

Answer: No problem, if you want to use the eGift card in the store you can just print the eGift Voucher and redeem it by bringing it to the merchant's location. In some cases eGift Cards may only be used online.


Gift Card Brands

QuestionWhy can't I find the gift card I am looking for?

Answer: Our inventory is constantly changing and occasionally we do sell out of popular gift card brands.

Answer: We may become temporarily out of stock on certain gift card brands around the holidays or during peak busy times.


Question: What will my gift card look like?

Answer: We sell our gift cards based on the best available price without regard to the individual design of each plastic gift card or eGift card. The designs are selected at random.

Answer: We cannot promise a specific design for any gift card or eGift card purchased on Card Surge, if you are looking for a specific design on a gift card please check out Card Surge Marketplace.


Order Issues

Question: Why wasn't I able to complete my order?

Answer:  We may require additional information about your identity to complete your purchase, you will receive an email in this situation.

Answer: Please check to make sure you are using a valid payment method.


QuestionWhy was my order cancelled and refunded?

Answer: In order to prevent fraud, each order is carefully screened. If there is any doubt as to the legitimacy of an order, the order will be cancelled and refunded to the origional payment method used.

Answer: We may require additional information about your identity to process your purchase, you will receieve an email in this situation.


Redeeming Gift Cards

Question: Can the eGift Card I purchase on Card Surge be used to make online purchases?

Answer: Most eGift Cards that are purchased on our website can be used to make online purchases. Please check each individual Gift Card listing's redemption options to determine if it can be used to make online purchases.


Question: Can a Plastic Gift Card or eGift Card I purchased from Card Surge be redeemed for cash?

Answer: No, Plastic Gift Cards purchased on our site cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by state law. If required by state law the Gift Card may only be redeemed for cash by the issuing Merchant and according to the Merchant's rules and policies.


Shipping and Delivery

Question: How fast will I receive my Product, Plastic Gift Card or eGift Card after my order has been placed?

Answer: Products and Plastic gift cards should arrive in the mail within 3-10 business days depending on the location. In some instances, for example around the Holidays, it may take up to 20 business days to receive your plastic Gift Card in the mail. This is due to higher than normal mailing volume and is outside the control of Card Surge.

Answer: Every effort will be made to deliver eGift Cards to your Card Surge Account email address in less than 24 hours. If you are a Member who has purchased eGift Cards from Card Surge in the past, delivery of your eGift Card may take as little as 10 minutes or even instantly in some cases. In rare circumstances or during peak busy times, it may take up to 48 hours for an eGift Card to be delivered to your Card Surge Account email address.

Answer: All eGift Cards will be delivered to your Card Surge Account email address. Here you will be able to copy and paste the eGift Card number and PIN for immediate use to make purchases online or print the eGift Voucher for use at the Merchant's location or in store.


Question: How are Products, Plastic Gift Cards and eGift Cards sent to the Buyer?

Answer: Products and Plastic Gift Cards will be sent by USPS First Class mail in a discreet shipper. Most are sent with USPS tracking information.

Answer: eGift cards will be delivered to your Card Surge Account email address. You can copy and paste the eGift Card numbers to use for online purchases or print the eGift Voucher and bring it to the merchants location to redeem.


Question: Can I have the Products, Plastic Gift Card or eGift Card I purchased on Card sent to another person?

Answer: No, in order to keep our Member's accounts secure and prevent fraud, the Product, Plastic Gift Card or eGift can only be sent to the Member that purchased it.


Website Security

Question: How does Card Surge keep my credit card information secure?

Answer: We use an SSL encryption certificate to secure all information transmitted on our website.

Answer: We use industry standard security protocols and our website is PCI compliant.

Answer: We don't store credit card information on our servers.


Question: What does Card Surge do to keep my personal information secure?

Answer: We do not share any Member's personal information with 3rd party companies.

Answer: We do not sell any Member's personal information to 3rd party companies.

Answer: All information on our Servers is backed up to protect against data loss and ransomware attacks.


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