Card Surge News & Updates

02-24-2023 - In an effort to streamline our operations and expedite processing of Trade Orders, we will no longer be sending out the Trade Order status update emails. You can still check the status of your Trade Order at anytime by logging into your Card Surge Account. The Payout notification emails will still be sent.

01-26-2023 - We are asking all Members who have submitted Trade Orders to please make sure that your cryptocurrency wallet address where you would like to receive your payouts is up to date. If you need to update your cryptocurrency wallet address for payouts please contact Member Support for assistance.

06-29-2022 - Our Terms of Use have been updated to reflect some recent changes. Please review our Terms of Use for more details.

05-31-2022 - The Card Surge Website will be temporarily unavailable starting on 06/03/22 for required updates. The website will be available again on 06/12/22. This will not affect payouts being sent. Member Support will not be available during this time.

03-22-2022 - Great News! Starting today Card Surge Members can once again receive their Payouts for Trade Orders using Zelle.

03-03-2022 - Starting today Card Surge will begin donating 5.00% of our monthly revenue in cryptocurrency to help the Ukrainian People buy food and basic supplies.


We are also urging all Card Surge Members and Partners to also contribute if they can.


Cryptocurrency donations can be sent to these addresses:













Donations made by indivdual Members and Partners go directly to the Official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and donations may not be tax deductible.

To be as transparent as possible, the information above can be verified using the Official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine website using the link below:

Let's support the Ukrainian People as they stand and fight for their Freedom. They are truly the front line in the never-ending war against tyranny and oppression of Free People everywhere and those who wish to be Free.

02-22-2022 - Card Surge stands with Ukraine and ALL people who wish to be free. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian People during this very difficult and uncertain time.

01-15-2022 - Our Privacy Policy has been updated.

12-03-2021 - Our Terms of Use have been updated to reflect some recent changes. Please review our Terms of Use for more details.

12-01-2021 - Because of recent changes in government regulations the maximum payouts for Unverified Card Surge Accounts have been changed from the previous lifetime maximum of $2000.00 per Member to the new lifetime maximum of $500.00 per Member. These changes will take effect on January 1st, 2022.

The above changes are a direct result of legislation recently passed by congress as a part of the new infrastructure bill. These new regulations are aimed at reducing tax evasion and money laundering activities.

While Card Surge does support the general intent of the new infrastructure bill, we do not agree with these specific changes because we feel that these changes will harm small businesses and fail to close tax loopholes used by ultra-wealthy corporations and individuals to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

Card Surge did participate in an outreach program to government officials along with other small businesses, online marketplaces, and concerned parties to try to get these new regulations removed from this bill. The outreach program was, unfortunately, only partially successful.

We strongly encourage all Members to reach out to your government officials and make your voices heard regarding these changes.

12-01-2021 - Due to the unusually high transaction fees currently involved with Ethereum, Card Surge has made the difficult decision to remove Ethereum as a payout option for Trade Orders.

Ethereum can still be used to make purchases on the Card Surge Website.

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