Selling Gift Cards

Selling gift cards on Card Surge is fun, easy, and a great way to earn extra money!


To sell your unwanted gift cards you may begin by typing the name of the Merchant into the search box on our homepage. You should see a search result that says "sell a gift card" with a name that matches the name of the Merchant on the gift card you wish to sell.


If you are not able to locate the Merchant for the gift card you wish to sell using the search box it most likely means that we are not currently purchasing gift cards from that particular Merchant. You can also click on the Sell Gift Cards button which will show an alphabetical list of the gift cards we are currently purchasing. If you are unable to locate the gift card you wish to sell please check back in the future as the type of gift cards that we are purchase does change from time to time.


Once you have located the type of gift card you wish to sell you may proceed by clicking on the Sell button to add your gift card to your Sales Cart. Once you have added all of your unwanted gift cards to your Sales Cart you may proceed by clicking on the checkout button.


Before checkout you will be required to enter the gift card numbers for all gift cards you wish to sell and select your desired delivery option. The gift card numbers are usually located on the back of the gift card. If your gift card has a pin number, you will need to enter that as well. The gift card pin number can usually be found under the silver scratch off on the back of the gift card. You will then be asked to enter the current balance available on the gift card you would like to sell. You will receive an instant offer for your unwanted gift card. You may see multiple offers based on how you would like to deliver the gift card to us.


At the checkout you will be required to provide credit card information for Sellers. Your credit card is used to secure the transaction and to verify your identity. You will see a $1.00 authorization on your credit card for each sell order you place on our site in order to ensure that the credit card is valid. This authorization will disppear from your credit card after a few days. Please be aware that this authorization may reduce your amount of available credit temporarily. Your credit card will not be charged unless there is a problem with the gift card you are selling. Please see our full Terms of Use for more information about credit cards for Sellers.


Once this is complete you will be able to select how you would like to receive your payment. Most payments are made by check and will usually arrive in 7 to 10 business days. There may be other payment options available so please check closely to see which payment option you would like to select.


After you have selected your desired payment option you may click on the place order button to submit your order to Card Surge for review. Once your order has been approved you should receive an email confirmation listing your order details.


Don't forget to print your free shipping label and attach your gift card to the sales tracking slip located at the bottom of the free shipping label before mailing.

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