Bulk Buying Program

Bulk Buyers enjoy these additional benefits:

1. Members will receive an additional 5% bonus of their total monthly purchases in Card Surge Rewards.

2. Bonus Rewards are based on your total monthly spend with no limit, Rewards can be redeemed immediately. 

3. Faster delivery of eGift Card purchases to your Card Surge Account.

4. Priority Support for Members who are Bulk Buyers.

5. All purchases count towards the monthly minimum with no brand restrictions or limitations.


Bulk Buying Program Eligibility Requirements:

1. You must purchase at least $3000 per month to qualify.

2. Your Card Surge Account must be in good standing.


*Members that meet the above minimum eligibility requirements will be automatically enrolled in this program. Once you meet the criteria listed above you will be notified by email.

**Additonal conditions and restrictions may apply. Please see the Terms of Use for full program details.

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