News & Updates

09/20/19- The Bulk Buying Program was launched.

09/19/19- The Terms of Use has been updated.

09/03/19- The Terms of Use has been updated.

08/27/19- The Terms of Use has been updated.

08/22/19- A 15 day waiting period for first time payments for all new sellers has been added.

08/12/19- Zelle has been added as a payment option for all sellers.

08/10/19- Text Support and Toll Free Phone Number support was added.

07/27/19- Card Surge Marketplace was added to the Card Surge website.

07/26/19- All categories have been updated to merchant brands for easier navagation.

06/14/19- Bitcoin checkout process was updated to make it easier to use.

04/23/19- The Card Surge Rewards Program was added.

01/01/19- Buyer Protection was extended to 1 Year for all purchases made on Card